Alaseel is a marketer and distributor of premium dates, operated under the management of Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz AlRajhi Endowments. AlRajhi Endowments possess the largest individual farm in the world of more than 250,000 palm trees, and run the largest research & development palm trees center. These efforts are to promote the cultivation of dates that adhere to the highest local and international standards. We, Alaseel, supply the finest dates in all its types, categories & date-based products across worldwide.

Our vision

is to be the preferred brand and supplier of quality palm dates and related products in the local and global market.

Our mission is to strive to:

  • Provide high-quality products through advanced technology, processes and systems.
  • Establish our trademark through innovative marketing solutions.
  • Expand our national and international presence through strategic partnerships.
  • Create customer satisfaction through delivering services and products that exceed customer expectations.
  • Support charity activities and community partnerships that align with our corporate objectives.
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Farms Sorting Refining Packing and Shipping Points of Sale


Alaseel strives to produce various types of dates with high quality in accordance with the highest international standards that guarantee the safety of products from any pesticide residues and harmful fertilizer


Dates are exposed to some specific procedures, such as sorting, initialization and refining.Then the dates are steamed and packed in plastic or carton boxes prior to being sent to the warehouses


Alaseel adheres to standards of precise criteria to ensure that products fit their stated purposes and meet the expectations of consumers. These specifications including, product appearance, quality, nutritional value, product safety, and methods of analysis and sampling

Packing and Shipping

Dates are packed and filled in healthy and attractive-looking packaging of different shapes and sizes. They are then distributed to retail markets that can be reached easily by consumers

Points of Sale

يتم توزيع المنتجات على أكبر عدد من الأسواق المركزية و التجزئة بحيث يستطيع المستهلك الحصول عليها من اقرب مكان وفي أقل مجهود ممكن

International Quality Certificates
ALaseel has acquired

Our High-Quality dates are produced in a technologically advanced factory whose standards align with strict food safety requirements. We comply with various certifications to ensure that we produce exceptional products with guaranteed customer satisfaction.